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Improving Your Credit – Don’t Go It Alone

Controlling your financial situation involves attention to detail. You have to take hold of every advantage you can. This sort of thing is much easier with family, friends, and professional help. As far as seeking professional help with building credit, Rebilt LLC will be hosting a free seminar, How to Buy a Home When [...]

Improving Your Credit – Don’t Go It Alone2017-06-16T11:10:06+00:00

The First Big Step in Reclaiming Your Credit

We all know that feeling of dread whenever we have to confront something that has been neglected for a long time. There are common situations such as a dirty kitchen or overgrown backyard and less common situations like when you haven’t contacted a close friend or relative in a very long time. In all [...]

The First Big Step in Reclaiming Your Credit2017-07-06T12:04:30+00:00

A Breath of Fresh Air at Sycamore Terrace

The house at 11322 Sycamore Terrace has completed its remodeling. It features large living room and kitchen windows, providing breath-taking views of the front and back yards. There was no prospective buyer involved in the process, so the interior was designed to general good taste: carpet in the living room and bedrooms, tile in [...]

A Breath of Fresh Air at Sycamore Terrace2017-07-06T12:04:55+00:00

Upcoming Series on the Rebilt Process

Our inventory of houses here at Rebilt LLC is always expanding- especially during the summer time. Now is the perfect opportunity to follow a few of our newest houses through the Rebilt process, and so we have our upcoming series, Restoring A Home: Distressed to Delightful. We will be posting photos and updates on [...]

Upcoming Series on the Rebilt Process2017-07-06T12:03:19+00:00